In today’s photography world, I find that making great work is only half of what we have to offer as professionals.  I want my clients to be happy with their photos, the service, and the experience of picking me over any of their other choices.

From my beginnings in New York as wedding photographer, to then moving to Los Angeles, I just love getting to know new people, new places and sharing new experiences with brides and grooms. Your day is very important to me and at the same time I want you to have as much fun as possible creating those memories!

When I started photography, I didn’t start because it was a job; it was simply a hobby that I loved doing.  I decided to go to school for it to learn proper technique and while I was still in school I started assisting a very talented wedding photographer in New York.

Soon after, I was shooting as an associate photographer and a few months later I was lead shooting.  It was a wonderful progression that helped me hone my skills along the way and find my own path.

I personally love using natural light in the afternoon when it has that gorgeous warm glow. Almost every engagement session we schedule is right before sunset for that very reason. And as it’s become my “look”, I always bring studio lighting equipment to accentuate the scene and make my couples pop and stand out from the scene. Whether I’m shooting an engagement or wedding, I find it imperative to understand lighting and how to change or enhance a scene. A big part of photography is knowing how to adapt to any lighting situation. As professionals, it’s our responsibility to make you look your best regardless of obstacles.

I could go on forever about my love for portraits, weddings and photography, but I’ll invite you to browse around my site and to check out my work. And if you want to get to know me better, find me at Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin or Twitter, or schedule a meeting.  I love getting to know new people in person!


If you are interested in a no obligation wedding or portrait consultation,
please Email Me or call me at 323 207 9025.
We’ll chat on the phone or set up an appointment.



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