ElmerEscobar.com is now TNKphoto

ElmerEscobar.com is now TNKphoto

If you’ve been following us for the past year or so you’ve probably started seeing some familiar faces. This wasn’t by mistake. Through my photography journey I teamed up with several very talented people who share the same passion that I’ve had for the last 10 years.

Photography has never been a job to me. It has always been something that I am extremely passionate about. Sooner than later I was fortunate enough to be making a living doing what I was passionate about. I think the most fortunate thing about this whole journey has been finding people along the way who share the same enthusiasm and the same wonder for photography. The best part is that all the growth has happened organically. Steven, Dominic, Andrew, Sergio, and Isaac all joined the team because they felt like photography was a way for them to express themselves creatively and love what they did for a living. It’s a drive inside you that makes you want to be more creative and gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you deliver creative photos to your clients. Putting a smile on people or leaving them wondering how a scene looks so different behind a camera than it does in real life is truly a rush. This is exactly what we were looking for when we put together TNK Photo. A group of creative people who do this because it brings us happiness more than anything else. If you were to ask any of us what we would be doing if money was no object, we would all say that our cameras would still be in our hands.

We cannot wait to see what the future holds for TNK Photo and how many memories we will be making with countless couples in the future. Get to know our team here and thank you to everyone that has enjoyed our work and has supported us through this journey. This is only the beginning!

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