Engagement Photo Session Checklist

Engagement Photo Session Checklist | Future Bride Tips

Before stepping out of the house for your engagement photography session, remember that the best (and least stressed) future brides and grooms are prepared ones! The more you’re “ready for anything”, the easier and more fun your session will be. I’ve compiled a checklist of the top things to remember on your engagement session below. Hope this helps you future brides and grooms!

1) Fashion Emergency Kit
During an outdoor shoot, anything can happen. You never know if something will tear or if you get a minor spill on the way. A good fashion kit will include items such as: Fashion Tape, Deodorant-Removing Sponge, Lint-Removing Sheets, Sewing Kit, Stain Wipe, Earring Back, Instant Button, Hair Band, Nail File, Blister Pad, Shoe-Shine Sponge, etc. It may sound a little over the top but you want to look your best and when you know something on you just isn’t right, you tend to stiffen up in photos. And we definitely don’t want that! When I was doing research I was guided to this fashion kit by a very talented professional wardrobe stylist:


2) Makeup kit for touch ups
Some days are just going to be hotter than we’d like. I tend to keep my couples in shade if possible when it gets like this, but even on those days, humidity and the temperature will get to you. I suggest packing a small make up kit to touch up between location changes.


engagement photo session checklist

3) Hairspray
Again, because we can’t control what the elements will throw at us, having something to fight back is always a good idea. A good photographer will let you know if the hair is looking a little unruly in the photos and will give you a few minutes to take care of it.

engagement photo session checklist

4) Snacks/drinks
It may sound silly but there are times when a shoot may last longer than you think, or all of the sudden you may get hungry. A little snack and a little water will keep you going and your spirits up! And your spirits up means happy photos!

5) Have your nails done
Keep in mind that one of the focus points on anyone are their hands. Not only that but on a significant day like your engagement photo session it’s very likely that your hands will get a close-up to capture your engagement ring. Make sure they’re close up ready!


1engagement photo session checklist

6) Props/Pets
I always encourage all of my future brides and grooms to feel free to bring whatever props they want. I don’t believe in limiting people, as some props may be something very personal and who am I to say “Don’t bring this”. Whatever you would like to include: these are your photos! The only piece of advice I would offer is to explain or show (via Pinterest or the like) what your idea is. That way you’re all on the same page. And if you have pets, I am all for it (I own a shar pei and I know he would be in my photos!). The advice I would give with that is that you bring someone that can take care of him/her between shots. That way you know they’re being taken care of.

7) Enthusiasm!
Now I know, not everyone has a ton of energy and wants to be jumping around. But if you’re marrying your significant other, odds are you bring out the best out of each other! So bring in a little energy, a little charisma! It goes a long way from making your photos look like work, to making them look like you are having a blast!

engagement photo session checklist

I hope this Engagement Session Checklist has helped you get a better idea of what will make your photos look their best. If you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave a comment below!


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