How Many Hours to Hire your Wedding Photographer

How Many Hours to Hire your Wedding Photographer

That is one of the most common questions I get from future brides. Although I do have 3 major packages that break it down well, there are times when I get an inquiry, sometimes from out state regarding just wedding day coverage. So how many hours are enough hours of wedding photography? My consensus is that you’re better off having more time than you need on your wedding day than needing more and feeling overwhelmed and rushed. Of course you can always add overtime the day of the wedding, but you may not decide that until the end and you have been rushing all through your wedding day. From my perspective I find that 8 hours would be the absolute bare minimum to get the entire story.

From getting ready to the ceremony, family photos, wedding party photos, coupleโ€™s session, cocktail hour, and reception it can add up to a lot more time than you think. Not to mention going from one location to the next. Giving yourself ample time not only gives you room to breath but also makes your day a lot more enjoyable.

I prefer having a timeline finalization a week or two before the wedding. Sometimes things get moved around so getting a timeline too soon can mean that by the time the wedding day arrives, your wedding photographer my have an outdated timeline. Therefore, waiting until itโ€™s all set in stone is best. Now, of course Iโ€™ve helped many couples with a preliminary timeline with more time until the wedding day but I always double check a week or two to make sure everything is still as we had discussed.

A typical timeline that we come up with can go as follows:

12:00-1:30 Getting ready photos
1:30-2:00 Travel to church
2:00-2:30 Ceremony
2:30-3:00 Family Photos
3:00-3:30 Travel to reception venue
3:30-4:00 Wedding Party
4:00-5:00 Coupleโ€™s session
5:00-6:00 Cocktail hour
6:00-10:00 Reception (I always like to sneak the bride and groom out for a few minutes and do a short night session before the night is over)


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